9. Developing Relationships – A Person in My Life

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  • To identify individuals who have been fundamental in the development of our character and our lives, as well as people who are significant in our immediate community.
  • To reflect on the characteristics of a person that result in that person becoming significant for us.
  • To honor the life of an unsung hero by recognizing and celebrating their values, virtues, and life accomplishments, as well as their influence on us.

Teachers Books

A biography of Chao  A Mothers thoughts  A spoon shaped like a heart  All about Anna

Always in my heart  Amor De Madre  Amparo Arroyo Arenas

As the words came to life  En hot  With Nails and Cord and Leather


Half full  I remember Sam  In Dearie's Chair  Junior and la veve

Making Dreams Come True  Making gumbo with Grandma  Mawmaw's hands

Mi Padre el troquero  Mia Mamma Guilia  Our forever family  Reflection of Love

Siempre Recuerdo A Mi Madre  Special Childhood Memories  The Jesús Martínez Lechuga Story  Tribute to Sylvia Kaufman Musik

We Three Be Family  Weaving Mama's Words


Students Books

Fernie's Dad  I hear...  Ms. Peter's adventures


My Dad's life  My Grandma Socorro  Our Parents Responsibilities

¿Vas a Esperar a los 40?  Yo oigo...

Parents Books

Arianne  Everything is better with you  La Familia Lara

The Shoe Still Fits, a Dancer Turns 21