3. Strenghtening Self-Identity – My Name Books

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  • To read and analyze books that present the topic of names and engage in dialogue about their massage.
  • To continue the process of discovering self and others by learning and sharing the stories of our names.
  • To affirm that we all have valuable stories to tell, and that exploring our own family story will produce valuable information.
  • To invite teachers, students , and parents to experience the power of authorship through writing the story of their names.
  • To support collaborative relationships between teachers and parents or caretakers through the sharing of the teacher’s own Story of My Name book.
  • To strengthen home relationships by encouraging parents to share family stories about the names of various family members.
  • To help build supportive community among parents by providing opportunities to learn more about the various families in the community.

 Teachers Books

A Daughter Named Laurie  El Origen de Mi Nombre  My name is Colleen  My Closet

Students Books

My name is...  My name is special