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1. Affirming Self – I Am Books

2. Recognizing Human Qualities – Acrostic Books

3. Strenghtening Self-Identity – My Name Books

4. Building Communities – Alphabet Books

5. The Power of Transformation

6. Understanding The Past, Creating The Future

7. Discovering Our Capacities And Strengths – I Can Books

8. Learning To Know – Our Goals Books

9. Developing Relationships – A Person in My Life

10. From Yesterday To Tomorrow – Where I Come From

11. Early Authors Books

12. Pájaro Valley and Other Family Literacy Project

13. Creativity By Teachers, Parents And Students Books

A note about the examples in this website

All books included in this website have been presented to us by their authors. The authors were either our students in workshops throughout the world and in the United States, or readers of our book Authors in The Classroom: A Transformative Education Process, who sent their books to us as a gift. Many of these new authors were teachers who put into practice in their classes this writing process. The samples by students and parents come from their generous sharing.

We have contacted the majority of these teacher-authors and obtained permission for their inclusion here. For a few however, in spite of all our efforts, we were unable to find an address.

It is our intention to honor each and every author included here. We will however delete the piece of anyone who prefers anonymity and sends us a note requesting the deletion of their piece.

With our deepest gratitude to all.

Alma Flor and Isabel


New contributions

We are open to receive new samples from new or past authors, to be included in this website. We request that you send it via e-mail and that you include a written permission for posting your piece.

We reserve the right of an evaluation for inclusion in this website.