5. The Power of Transformation

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  • To explore the human potential for transformation as expressed in literary works for children and adolescents.
  • To explore through dialogue the human potential for transformation and our individual responsibility to work towards equity, justice, and peace in our communities.
  • To catalyze students’ reflections by analyzing social conditions and challenging the idea that the way things are is the only way they can be.
  • To understand that naming injustice is the first step in the struggle towards eliminating it.
  • To use the writing process to develop a greater understanding, expressiveness, sense of confidence, and power.

Teachers Books

A Sweet Tale  Coming of Age  El maestro tonto

Hasta California  I Have Danced  I used to...

Making a Friend  Not always an advisor  Sometimes; A veces  To Plant a Tree

The Moon Story  This Is Who You Are - Asi eres tu  Your Light, Flower and Song

Students Books

My Journey to America  Poema para mi Maestro