4. Building Communities – Alphabet Books

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  • To identify, read, and discuss books that use the alphabet or a counting structure to present their content.
  • To continue the process of self-discovery, exploring one’s physical and social surroundings.
  • To develop an extended classroom community that encourages respect, understanding, and appreciation for uniqueness, as well as sense of solidarity in the common human adventure.
  • To foster community building among students’ families by providing opportunities for them to learn about the other.
  • To explore the idea of community using the alphabet or counting book format as a tool for creating and structuring a book.
  • Some books about building communities, sometimes do not necessarily take the form of an Alphabet book.

Teachers Books

A is for Actor  A to Z in Cajun CountryABC of Abate Elementary School

ABC of Making a Book  Abecedario de Puerto Rico  Alfabet-o  AYITI; An ABC

An Albanian ABC  El Abecedario para Padres y Madres de Familia  Frutos del Valle

He Apologized, She Blithered... They Chirped  How Do You Feel?  Jazz People A to Z

See You Tomorrow  The world is made up of all Beautiful Countries  ABC's Filipino Style

Voces del desierto  When I Was Growing Up  Los ABC's del Movimiento

ABC's Land of the Rising Sun  The ABC's of Little Tom  The ABC's of San Francisco  En mi barrio

The ABC's of Writing for Others  Me Gusta MexicoSomething Special

A Book of Human Rights from A to Z  Reflections on Education

Students Books

B is for Beach  Into Muir Woods  My School ABC

Parents Books

ABC Adventures with Kate Collins  On Becoming Your Mom

Students Books