6. Understanding The Past, Creating The Future

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  • To promote a better understanding of self by learning about the efforts of those who came before us and the family and community history we have inherited.
  • To study the past in order to learn from its mistakes and build on its positive contributions.
  • To strengthen the bond between children and their parents or caretakers by sharing family histories and nurturing a sense of continuity.
  • To continue exploring the process of book authorship and the power of the written word.

Teachers Books

Dedicado a Mi familia  Desde El Balcon De Mis Recuerdos  Eagles Perched on Cactus  Home for Christmas

Labs, A Story About Friendship  Portraits of my family  Precious Memories  Recuerdos de mi pueblo

The Story of Edwin Young  Waiting for the right time  When We Were Little

Students Books

Inspired Memories  Mi Familia  Mi Vida  My journey to America

Portraits of My Family  Un Amanecer En El Mar  Childhood Memory

Parents Books

Cachito de mi vida 1  Cachito de mi vida 2  Cachito de mi vida 3  Cuando yo era niña

Las celebraciones de Navidad  Nuestros Recuerdos