1. Affirming Self – I Am Books

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  • To initiate a process of self-discovery and respect for the uniqueness of everyone in the group.
  • To explore the power of words as form of self-expression and a way to share insights, feelings, and emotions.
  • To use writing as a way to express individuality with true respect for ourselves and others.

Teachers Books

1, 2, 3, 4, things I am  I Am a bamboo  I Am a Canadian-Korean

I Am a Puzzle  I Am Andrew  I Am Bertha  I Am Gloria

I Am Elena  I Am HAITIAN  I Am Maria

I Am Me  I Am Natalie  I Am Real

I Am; Collective book of Poems  I Am... Yo Soy  Thank You Barbara Jean

The Essence Of Me  Yo soy...  All That I Am

Yo Soy - I Am

Students Books

All That I Am  I Am a Kid  I am unique  Soy

Vase to Faces Poetry  Who am I  Nosotros somos

Parents Books

Family Poems  Nuestra Familia  Ourselves  Somos, Eres, Soy